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          Hello, I am Nour Helmy, ENN's founder, I’m 15 years old. I wanted to share the purpose behind my brand and why I decided to open it. In January this year I became a hijabi elhamdolilah, but since then I’ve been struggling to find summer clothes that not only are suitable for hijabis, but also suitable for teenager's style, not outdated, trendy, and don't need layering; however unfortunately,  most of the modest wear brands I knew were focusing on the bigger aged group (late twenties-forties) so I had no idea of where to buy them.  Also, I’m a little petite for my age, everything was always too long and big on me, so that made my struggle worse. So, I kept contemplating and thinking to myself why not to try and open my own brand and focus on these two struggles. In order to not only help myself, but also all the beautiful teenage hijabis around me; as I was sure that if I had these problems, many others definitely had them too. So, I took the decision to launch my modest wear brand and fill the gaps that most brands lack; Teenager style and the availability of all sizes (since most things were always one size).  I want all the  hijabis and modest ladies to be confident and proud while wearing the hijab, I want to prove to everyone that hijabis can still have great and trendy outfits and I want them to be confident in what they're wearing. I'm sure this journey won't be easy, but I'm determined to try my best. 

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